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Bold. Memorable. Modern. We bring stunning creativity and pixel-perfect attention to every project so that your clients will remember you.


Wanna grab coffee? We want to hear about your mission, your values, and your goals. We'll research your competitors and then we'll brainstorm different creative directions.

From sketches and color palettes to wireframes and mock-ups, we'll communicate with you every step of the way to ensure we bring your vision to life!


More people access the web through mobile phones and tablets than desktops now. Are you providing a good experience?

We specialize in responsive design, so your site looks good for every user.


Make your business a cohesive whole.

Tighten up your brand identity with logo design, print materials, and marketing campaigns that match your website.


Does your brand image represent you?

We'll help you clarify your values, hone your identity, and create a cohesive brand image.


We know tech. We write clean, standards-compliant code using the latest proven frameworks and libraries. In the fast-moving world of tech, we keep up with the latest so that you don't have to.










Mongo DB







Paypal API





Fabric JS


You are more than a website. A website is just a part of your business strategy. Leverage our experience with entrepreneurship and startups to grow your business with branding & identity development, Search Engine Optimization services, copywriting, and social media marketing.


The best-built site won't matter if it can't be found.

We can help you ascend the ranks of the search engines, gaining you organic traffic and maximizing your visibility!


Who are you?

Instill your values, your mission, and your vision into your brand image.

Social Media

Join the conversation.

Leverage Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and social media in grass-roots campaigns to reach more customers.


Top-notch design requires high-quality photography.

We use high-end equipment to create images that will wow your clients.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company, a one-person startup or anything in-between, we'd love to work with you.

Some of Our Clients

Case Study

Ram Commercial customizer app

Ram Commercial Custom Graphics

Using the latest in client-side web technology, we developed this app to allow Ram Commerical clients to completely customize the appearance of a vehicle using graphics, fonts, colors, and shapes.

Using Backbone.js and Fabric.js on the front-end and Ruby on Rails on the server, we created an app that processes complex, layered graphics with surprising quickness. We integrated a third-party stock image service and social media sharing capabilities too!

Have an idea for a customizer app of your own? Contact us and let's see what we can do.

Ram Commercial customizer app
Ram Commercial customizer app
Ram Commercial customizer app

We use design and technology to transform business. What can we do for you?



Nimble and responsive, we offer a personalized approach large agencies can't touch.

The Team

Michael Wagstaff

Michael Wagstaff

Kevin Wagstaff

Kevin Wagstaff

Michael Wagstaff

Founder, Designer, Developer

Michael leads Pendulum Productions with a bold design aesthetic, big-picture tech knowledge, and a down-to-earth friendliness that clients appreciate.

Michael began his career as a developer, working at startups and eventually serving as Director of Technology for a Hollywood digital media agency. While kicking off one of his entrepreneurial ventures, an adventure tourism company, he discovered a love for design while creating an engaging website and marketing campaign. In 2007, Michael combined his talents in design, development, and client communication and founded Pendulum Productions. The team has grown, but the commitment to quality and communication remain.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys cooking, movies, volleyball, surfing, snowboarding, and tennis. He also loves to travel, having left footprints around the globe.

Kevin Wagstaff

SEO/Business Development Specialist

Kevin is an SEO and digital marketing expert. He will research keywords relevant to your product, check out your competitors, and create a digital marketing plan to grow your business. Utilizing link building, social media marketing, and strategic content placement, Kevin will get your site more traffic!

Kevin is an avid basketball and volleyball player, and also runs an inspirational clothing company inspired by his daughter Keira.

Josh DePaolo

Josh DePaolo

Kyle Ries

Kyle Ries

Josh DePaolo


Josh loves working with shiny, clean designs: guiding them on their journey from graphical infancy to dynamic layout adulthood is his specialty. He enjoys slicing and chopping up mock-ups to create pixel perfection. He's a fan of minimal style, with a flare for subtle details. Give him your graphics, and he'll run away with them (don't worry...he always brings them back).

Outside of the web, Josh is an avid Star-Trek watcher and film lover. He also dabbles in writing.

Kyle Ries


Kyle has a passion for coding. He's specifically attracted to the Ruby on Rails framework and ecosystem, including rich Javascript front-ends. One of the rare breed of developers-with-social-skills, he has been described as "one of the easiest coder-guy-type-fellas to work with". Clients appreciate his boundless positivity and warm energy.

Outside of the office, he enjoys hiking, cycling, and camping in the great outdoors.

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